The Sky At Night is SAVED! BBC Four Renew Show for 2014

Following 40,000 fans signing an online petition to stop the astronomy based show being cancelled, we’re pleased to say The Sky At Night will now return in 2014. It appears that after some careful consideration, the BBC have now come to their senses and done the right thing.

Frankly, to axe what is one of the longest running television shows in the world, despite continuing to maintain such a loyal fan base, would have have done the BBC no favours. Though the Beeb didn’t cite the petition as a direct factor in their decision making process, it no doubt served as a timely reminder of the series popularity and relevance.

There will however be a couple of changes to the programme, but on the whole they very much appear to be positive.

The series will switch channels to BBC Four, with a repeat being broadcast on BBC2. Though this may seem like something of a downgrade from its usual BBC1 home, its new placement will actually give stargazers full 30 minute episodes each month. As opposed to the usual 20 minutes currently on offer.

With regards to contents, there have been no plans announced to alter either the shows format or presenting line-up, which will surely prove reassuring to regular viewers. From its many decades being hosted by Sir Patrick Moore, The Sky At Night has always comes across as a programme which can happily run itself, with little interference from BBC management.

Speaking about The Sky At Nights new commissioning, BBC Four editor Cassian Harrison stated “I’m delighted that we are continuing with such a treasured BBC brand, and look forward to welcoming the programme to its new home on BBC Four, where it will join a rich mix of other science content.”