Where was The Syndicate series 3 filmed? – Hazelwood Manor Filming Locations

The Syndicate Season 3 – 2015 Yorkshire Filming Locations: Where is the real world Hazelwood Manor?

Where was The Syndicate filmed for series 3?

Overlooking the coastal town of Scarborough, Hazelwood Manor, where the 2015 series of this BBC drama is set, is actually a fictional stately home in terms of its name. The real life building used to film this years series was Bramham Park country house, located near Wetherby and Leeds in West Yorkshire. Filming for the show got underway in October of 2014.

The Syndicate Series 3 - 2015 Hazelwood Manor Filming Locations - Image Credit: BBC/Rollem Productions. Photographer: Matt Squire

The Syndicate – Image Credit: BBC/Rollem Productions. Photographer: Matt Squire

Built in 1698 for the 1st Baron Bingley, Robert Benson, this Grade I listed building is surrounded by around 500 acres of landscaped gardens and parkland. Both the grounds and the house itself are open to visitors by appointment throughout the year.

The wider grounds of this estate will also play host to a number of outdoor events during 2015 including the 5k & 10k Major Series obstacle run, the Total Warrior 10K obstacle race, the Bramham International Horse Trials and perhaps most famously, the Leeds Festival.

Away from Bramham Park, The Syndicate 3 was filmed at a number of other locations around Yorkshire, including Scarborough (pictured below) and Swinton Park in Masham.

The Syndicate: Scarborough Spa - Image Credit: BBC/Rollem Productions. Photographer: Matt Squire

Scarborough Spa – Image Credit: BBC/Rollem Productions. Photographer: Matt Squire

In a completely new storyline for 2015, series 3 of Kay Mellor’s critically acclaimed BBC One drama is set at the fictional home of Lord Hazelwood. Much to the dismay of Lady Hazelwood, who over the years has become accustomed to a high standard of living, Hazelwood Manor has now fallen into disrepair. Seemingly happier to blow all his money on extravagant purchases while he’s still able to enjoy them, Lord Hazelwood shows little interest in mainlining his once impressive dwelling. Despite growing financial difficulties, the lord of the manor refuses an offer to sell his family home and see the land converted into a golf course.

As a result of these cutbacks and the Hazelwood’s mounting debts, the houses members of staff have been drastically reduced from 30, down to just five – Quite a handy little number for running a lottery syndicate. If you’ve watched either of the first two series of The Syndicate, the basic storyline should hold few surprises. Winning a massive £14 million between them, all of a sudden it’s them downstairs holding the money Hazelwood Manor so desperately needs.

Starting on Tuesday the 2nd of June 2015 at 9:00pm on BBC One, The Syndicate series 3 cast features such names as Lenny Henry, Melanie Hill, Elizabeth Berrington, Richard Rankin and Cara Theobold.

To wrap things up, here’s an aerial view of Bramham Park country house and its surrounding land, as seen via Google Earth. Feel free to explore: