Does The Voice UK Need a Nasty Judge?

I know the singers who appear on the voice have been pre selected from un-televised auditions in order to weed out the karaoke stars, but whats a reality show without the nasty one?

Don’t get me wrong, the novelty of watching seriously bad auditions wore off a long time ago. Sometimes however The Voice just feels too much like one big love in.

Even when nobody turns around for an act meaning we don’t want you, the first thing the coaches often say is how amazing they were and that someone else should have turned. Will’ is one of the worse for this.

On the odd occasion someone does give a negative comment it’s done apologetically and virtually withdrawn straight after.

When even the series one winner can’t sell records, should the coaches be building up every singers expectations beyond all realms of realism? Some of the judges may struggle to get a big hit themselves these days, hence why their doing The Voice.

Even though the coaches may not be there to judge, the viewers watching at home certainly are. With each coach looking out for themselves with regards to winning the series, the television audience has no ‘voice’ on the show.

Sometimes you need someone on there to speak their mind and say what everyone at home is thinking, not what they think they should say, to avoid being nasty.

Years ago people used to think Simon Cowell was too harsh on talent show contestants, The Voice shows this is a necessary characteristic of a balanced programme. Without a little criticism, the compliments mean far less.

If there’s one thing worse than judges who are too nasty, it’s judges who are too nice.