When does the new series of True Blood start in the UK 2013?

Question: When is the UK start date for the new series 6 of True Blood?

Answer: Season 6 of True Blood will begin broadcasting in the UK on Monday, 30 September 2013. The show will air at 10:00pm on the FX/Fox UK Channel.

The new series which just finished airing in the US will run for 10 episodes, instead of the normal 12. This was due to the real life pregnancy of actress Anna Paquin who plays the character Sookie Stackhouse.

In a change to the UK scheduling, series 6 of True Blood has been brought forward to September from the usual January or February premiere dates, leaving a shorter gap between the US and UK release times.

It’s already been announced however that True Blood will be returning to American TV screens for season 7 sometime in the summer of 2014.