‘Vera’ Season 4 ITV Cast List (2014 TV Series)

Comprising of four stand‐alone episodes, series 4 of ‘Vera’ begins broadcasting on ITV, 8:00pm to 10:00pm on Sunday the 27th of April, 2014.

Filmed in the North East, including Northumberland’s National Park and the seaside town of Whitley Bay, the fourth season of the popular crime-drama again stars actress Brenda Blethyn as the complex but brilliantly perceptive, D.C.I. Vera Stanhope.

Vera Series 4 Cast List

Character – Actress/Actor

D.C.I. Vera Stanhope – Brenda Blethyn (Pride & Prejudice, Mary and Martha)
D.S. Joe Ashworth – David Leon
D.C. Kenny Lockhart – Jon Morrison
D.C. Rebecca Shepherd – Clare Calbraith
Celine Ashworth – Sonya Cassidy
Pathologist Marcus Summer- Kingsley Ben-Adir
D.C. Mark Edwards – Riley Jones
Jessie Ashworth – Olivia Armstrong
Malcolm Kenrich – Paul Copley
Dee Sinton – Tilly Vosburgh
Kate Darrow – Eva Birthistle
Ryan Darrow – William Rush
Chloe Darrow – Olivia Jack
Stuart Bayliss – Alistair Petrie
George Everitt – Sean McKenzie
P.C. Mike Randall – Joshua Hill
Jane Robinson – Jacqueline Phillips
Emily – Harriet Hunter-Purvis
Edwin Short – Roland Oliver
Valerie Furlow – Lynn Farleigh
Walter Kraszewski – Bogdan Kominowski
Margaret Kraszewski – Annabel Leventon
Neighbour – Pip Chamberlin
Boy – Evan Atherton

When asked how long she would continue in the role of Vera, actress Brenda Blethyn said: “I’ll continue to play Vera for as long as the audience wants to see her, as I absolutely love the character. I was first attracted to the role because the drama focuses on the crime rather than her personal life, and Vera’s not your usual run-of-the-mill detective. She doesn’t come with any baggage; she’s not hampered by romance. If you passed her in the street you wouldn’t dream she was a detective.”

Based on writer Ann Cleeves ‘Vera Stanhope’ novels, this television drama series is produced by ITV Studios, with series one first airing in May, 2011.

Titled ‘On Harbour Street’, episode 1 of the new series was adapted by Paul Rutman from the 2014 novel ‘Harbour Street’. The story see’s Vera investigate the death of pensioner Margaret Kraszewski, who’s found stabbed on a busy Newcastle train.