Vera Cast List 2015: ITV Series 5 Air Date and Character Details

Vera 2015 cast and air date details – Brenda Blethyn returns as D.C.I. Vera Stanhope for new series 5 episodes: Changing Tides, Old Wounds, Muddy Waters and Shadows In The Sky.

When does the new series of Vera start in 2015?

The air date and time for season 5 of Vera has now been officially released by ITV, with episode 1 starting at 8:00pm on Sunday 5 April 2015. Catch-up will then be available online via ITV player. This latest series will again be broadcast over 4 episodes.


Vera Cast List 2015 – Series 5

Character Name – Actress/Actor

D.C.I. Vera Stanhope – Brenda Blethyn (War and Peace, Henry Hugglemonster, Outside Edge, The Buddha of Suburbia, The Labours of Erica, Chance in a Million, Pride & Prejudice, Atonement, Secrets & Lies, Little Voice, Mary and Martha, Two Men in Town)

D.S. Aiden Healy – Kenny Doughty (Funland, Stella, Coronation Street, Black Work, Goldplated, Servants, Wire in the Blood, The Second Coming, The Aryan Couple, Titus)

DC Kenny Lockhart – Jon Morrison (High Times, Servants, Dream Team, Nil by Mouth)

DC Bethany Whelan – Cush Jumbo (Getting On, Lip Service, Harley Street, Torchwood)

DC Mark Edwards – Riley Jones

Dr. Marcus Summer – Kingsley Ben-Adir

Helen – Lisa Hammond (EastEnders, Bleak House, Psychoville, Grange Hill, Max & Paddy’s Road to Nowhere)


2015 Guest Cast by Episode

Episode 1: Changing Tides

Malcolm Raggert – Dorian Lough (The Smoke, Peaky Blinders, Trial & Retribution, Silent Witness, Waking the Dead, Strike Back)

Jim Viner – Wayne Foskett (Lightfields, Bodies, The Syndicate, Silent Witness, Always and Everyone)

Deena Viner – Sally Scott

Claire Viner – Katherine Rose Morley (Last Tango in Halifax, The Mill)

Sally – Katie Brayben

Ryan – Elliot James Langridge (Hollyoaks, Northern Soul)

Riley – Charlie Heaton (DCI Banks)

Warden – Alex Elliott

Ben – Tachia Newall (Waterloo Road)

Adash – Amer Nazir (Happy Valley, Jane Hall)

Jade – Katie Clarkson-Hill

Bharat Mann – Amerjit Deu (Postcode, Law & Order: UK, Harley Street)

Vanessa – Athene Parker


Episode 2: Old Wounds

Bill Telling – George Costigan (Emmerdale, Happy Valley, Homefront, Scott & Bailey, The Long Firm, City Central)

Stan Conville – Philip Martin Brown (Waterloo Road, City Central, Death Comes to Pemberley, Cutting It, Casualty, Wing and a Prayer)

Aisha Sharma – Sudha Bhuchar (Stella, EastEnders, Casualty)

Arjun Banerjee – Nasser Memarzia (The Honourable Woman)

Michael Tennant – Martin Marquez (The Job Lot, Hotel Babylon, The Bill)

Beryl Doyle – Angela Bruce (Bad Girls, Takin’ Over the Asylum)

Terry Manttan – Patrick O’Kane (Jamaica Inn, The Borgias, Strike Back, Any Time Now, In the Red)

DCI John Warrick – Daragh O’Malley (Camelot, The Royal, The Magnificent Seven, Vendetta, Texas, Cleopatra and Shaughnessy)

Charlotte Warrick – Lynne Verrall (WPC 56)

Carrie Telling – Blaise Simmons-Johnson

Attendant – Gauri Vedhara (Wolfblood, Byker Grove)

Michael’s wife – Arabella Arnott

Reporter – Jill Dellow

Solicitor – Martin Oldfield (DCI Banks)


Episode 3: Muddy Waters

Danny Pryor – Mark Bonnar (Shetland, Line of Duty, Catastrophe, Casualty, Psychoville, The Paradise, Paradox, The Bill)

Sigourney O’Brien – Aisling Franciosi (The FallQuirke)

Milosh Beqiri – Velibor Topic (Da Vinci’s Demons, Ambassadors, Holby Blue, William and Mary)

Zamir Ilic – George Lasha (Ambassadors)

Goran Vlasic – Greg Kolpakchi (Strike Back, The Callback Queen)

Karen Pryor – Alex Reid (Misfits, Ultimate Force, The Descent, Wilderness)

Toby Pryor – Joe Fitzpatrick

Frank O’Brien – Lee Ross (EastEnders, The Driver, Titanic, Mutual Friends, Playing the Field)

Amrita Johnson – Indira Joshi (The Kumars at No. 42, The Indian Doctor, Coronation Street, Grease Monkeys, Life Isn’t All Ha Ha Hee Hee)

Rene O’Brien – Mairead McKinley (The Amazing Mrs Pritchard)

Diane – Sarah Naughton

Dr. Rupinder Pabari – Sonia Kaur (Emmerdale)

Lisa (Tattooist) – Cat Simmons (The Bill, Ordinary Lies)

Raymond Bourne – Michael Imerson

Billy Reeves – Mark Womack (Babylon, The Runaway, Good Cop, Sorted, Silent Witness, Murphy’s Law, Liverpool 1, Route Irish)

Deirdre Reeves – Jennifer Hennessy (The Passing Bells, Wizards vs. Aliens, Death Comes to Pemberley, Marchlands, Drop Dead Gorgeous, The Cup, Coronation Street, Lilies, Conviction, Swallow, Red Riding)

Robert Pryor – Jim Sturgeon (Katie Morag, Shetland)

Ben Marsh – Danny Horn (Emmerdale, Scar Tissue, Boogeyman)

Father Paul – Enoch Frost (One Child, The Missing)

Dr. Julian Moore – John Harding (The Musketeers, Monarch of the Glen)


Episode 4: Shadows In The Sky

Owen Thorne – Keith Newby (City Central)

Lila Tilley – Carla Melaco

Ellie Thorne – Nadine Marshall (Old Jack’s Boat, The Spa, Chasing Shadows, Waterloo Road, Gates, Hounded, Criminal Justice, The Smoking Room)

Cameron Thorne – Daniel Ezra (Murdered by My Boyfriend)

Logan Tilley – Niall Greig Fulton (Talking to the Dead, Borgia)

Alec – Bill Fellows (Harriet’s Army: Harriet’s Memory Box, Broadchurch, New Worlds, Wolfblood, Land Girls, United)

Stuart – Ken Richardson

Gloria Edwards – Raquel Cassidy (Downton Abbey, Uncle, Land Girls, Lead Balloon, Moving Wallpaper, Party Animals, The Worst Week of My Life, According to Bex, Teachers, Red Cap, Trevor’s World of Sport)

Mick McKittrick – Rob Jarvis (Hustle, Southcliffe, Silent Witness, Hunted, Tripping Over, Waking the Dead)

Jayne-Anne – Ursula Holden-Gill (Wolfblood, Teachers, Emmerdale, Burn It)

B&B Owner – Jane Relph (New Street Law, North Square)

Head Groundskeeper – Ewen Cummins (Rockface)

Hannah Ferris – Levi Heaton

Restaurant Manager – Victoria Connett (My Wonderful Life, Coronation Street)


Once again heading the shows cast will be actress Brenda Blethyn in the title role of Vera Stanhope. Joining the line-up for season 5 will be Kenny Doughty, who’s probably best known for playing Hans Vassman in the 2005 film ‘The Aryan Couple’. The English actor also appears in ‘The Full Monty’ stage play and as Sean in Sky One’s comedy drama ‘Stella’. In Vera, Doughty will be playing the part of D.S. Aiden Healy who replaces D.S Joe Ashworth, played by David Leon.

Based on the characters created by novelist Ann Cleeves and written by Martha Hillier, episode 1 of the new series follows Vera and Aiden in their investigations of a mysterious caravan park death.

Prior to the start of filming, Brenda Blethyn told ITV: “I am so happy to be embarking on series 5 of Vera and whilst I’ll miss David Leon (Joe Ashworth finally got his long awaited promotion – Celine was delighted!), I’m very glad to be reunited with Jon Morrison, Riley Jones, Cush Jumbo and our new member of the team Kenny Doughty. Northumberland here we come!”

Kenny Doughty said: “I’m really thrilled to be joining Vera. It’s such a fantastic show and I’m especially excited to be working alongside the lovely and brilliant Brenda Blethyn.”

Vera Series 5 Filming

Filming for the 2015 series of Vera began in early June of 2014 and continued through until the Autumn.