When does Innocent start on ITV? – Air Date and Time Confirmed

What’s the start date and time for the new ITV drama series Innocent?

After releasing the trailer for Innocent last week, ITV have now officially confirmed that the air date and time for episode 1 will be Monday 14 May, 2018 at 9:00pm.

However, this four-part drama is not scheduled to broadcast one episode per week as you’d normally expect, but rather the series will be shown all within one week.

After premiering on Monday, the story will continue the following night on Tuesday, then Wednesday, before concluding on Thursday. So no having to wait seven days to find out what happens in the next episode.

Innocent stars actor Lee Ingleby as David Collins: a man who’s spent the last 7 years in prison for the murder of his wife. But despite having now been freed on a technicality, an air of doubt and suspicion still surrounds him.

The series also stars actress Hermione Norris as David’s sister-in-law Alice Moffatt: a woman who remains certain that David’s guilty of her sister Tara’s murder.