Who won Splash 2014? Series 2 Winner Announced

In the climax of tonight’s live final on ITV, the winner of Splash 2014 was revealed as Diversity dancer Perri Kiely.

Having been the favorite since week 1 to claim this years title, the 18-year-old lived up to expectations by taking first place ahead of Richard Whitehead MBE in second, Keith Duffy in third and Dan Osborne in fourth.

The result of Saturday night’s live final no doubt came as little surprise to coach Tom Daley who stated early on that Perri had the perfect body for diving.

Following the announcement of the public vote, Perri stated: “Thank you so much to everybody who voted, it’s been absolutely incredible.”

So with another reality show victory under his belt, has Team GB found a future diving star, and has Mr Kiely found a new profession?