World Cup 2014 Full UK TV Schedule: BBC, ITV Coverage Times and Dates

England v Brazil playing at the Estádio do Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro in 2013 - Photo by Mark Hillary (Wikimedia Commons)

England v Brazil playing at the Estádio do Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro in 2013 – Photo by Mark Hillary (Wikimedia Commons)

The BBC and ITV’s shared coverage split for the FIFA World Cup 2014 has today been announced, listing the complete group stage TV schedule, dates and times. These listings cover the tournaments initial group stages, after which the Beeb get first pick of the last 16 round and semi finals, while ITV have first choice of the quarter final games. The final itself will be shown on both BBC1 and ITV1.

The competitions opening match of Brazil v Croatia will be broadcast live on ITV. Meanwhile the BBC’s coverage will start the following day with the rematch of the 2010 final, Spain v Holland. The England teams first game against Italy will be covered by the BBC, then ITV bring their home nations next two matches against opponents Uruguay and Costa Rica.

These listings take into account the recently updated kick-off times, such as England’s opener against Italy.

Please note the times stated below refer to the match kick-off times, with the TV pre-match buildup starting earlier:

All details correct at time of publication.

Thursday, 12 June

9:00pm ITV Brazil v Croatia

Friday, 13 June

5:00pm ITV Mexico v Cameroon

8:00pm BBC Spain v Netherlands

11:00pm ITV Chile v Australia

Saturday, 14 June

5:00pm BBC Colombia v Greece

8:00pm ITV Uruguay v Costa Rica

11:00pm BBC England v Italy (Originally scheduled for 2:00am kick-off time)

2:00am ITV Ivory Coast v Japan

Sunday, 15 June

5:00pm ITV Switzerland v Ecuador

8:00pm BBC France v Honduras

11:00pm BBC Argentina v Bosnia

Monday, 16 June

5:00pm ITV Germany v Portugal

8:00pm BBC Iran v Nigeria

11:00pm BBC Ghana v USA

Tuesday, 17 June

5:00pm ITV Belgium v Algeria

8:00pm BBC Brazil v Mexico

11:00pm BBC Russia v South Korea

Wednesday, 18 June

5:00pm ITV Australia v Holland

8:00pm BBC Spain v Chile

11:00pm ITV Cameroon v Croatia

Thursday, 19 June

5:00pm BBC Colombia v Ivory Coast

8:00pm ITV England v Uruguay 

11:00pm BBC Japan v Greece

Friday, 20 June

5:00pm BBC Italy v Costa Rica

8:00pm ITV France v Switzerland

11:00pm ITV Honduras v Ecuador

Saturday, 21 June

5:00pm ITV Argentina v Iran

8:00pm BBC Germany v Ghana

11:00pm BBC Nigeria v Bosnia

Sunday, 22 June

5:00pm BBC Belgium v Russia

8:00pm ITV South Korea v Algeria

11:00pm BBC USA v Portugal

Monday, 23 June

5:00pm ITV Australia v Spain

5:00pm ITV Holland v Chile

9:00pm ITV Cameroon v Brazil

9:00pm ITV Croatia v Mexico

Tuesday, 24 June

5:00pm ITV England v Costa Rica 

5:00pm ITV Italy v Uruguay

9:00pm BBC Japan v Colombia

9:00pm BBC Greece v Ivory Coast

Wednesday, 25 June

5:00pm ITV Nigeria v Argentina

5:00pm ITV Bosnia v Iran

9:00pm BBC Ecuador v France

9:00pm BBC Honduras v Switzerland

Thursday, 26 June

5:00pm BBC USA V Germany

5:00pm BBC Portugal v Ghana

9:00pm ITV South Korea v Belgium

9:00pm ITV Algeria v Russia