X Factor Big Band Week 2013: Do Viewers Really Like It?

Tonight’s X Factor 2013 live shows see the return of Big Band Week, but how many regular viewers really enjoy this theme?

Now like the X Factor, I know big band music is popular and has a strong fan base, but is there really that big an overlap between the two groups? It’s kinda like having twerk week on Strictly Come Dancing.

I’ve always thought the type of people who regularly watch X factor, don’t generally like big band, and those who like big band don’t watch X Factor. With the series currently losing out in the Strictly ratings battle, niche theme weeks like this are unlikely to improve the situation.

This is nothing against big band music which when done right can be great, an entire show dedicated to any one theme is questionable. Apart from the X factor being a strange platform, viewers who dislike any weeks chosen theme will find themselves instantly reaching for the remote.

Wouldn’t true fans of the genre rather listen to these songs performed by the likes of Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble or Dean Martin anyway? I know the idea is to test the contestants vocal versatility, but how many of this years acts will go on to a career singing this kind of music?

So surely there’s a lot of viewers out there who’d rather see a different theme this week, or better still, no theme at all. As the Sunday night sing off’s consistently demonstrate, contestants perform much better when their allowed to simply stand still and sing songs of their own choosing.

Anyway, with Big Band Week with us for one more night at least, here’s the list of which contestants will be singing what songs this evening:

Abi Alton: That’s Life

Hannah Barrett: This Is A Man’s World

Luke Friend: Moondance

Nicholas McDonald: Dream A Little Dream

Rough Copy: Hit The Road Jack

Sam Bailey: New York New York

Sam Callahan: Ain’t That A Kick In The Head

Tamera Foster: Cry Me A River