The X Factor UK 2013: How Brand New Bootcamp Will Work

With this years first round auditions now complete, it’s once again time to shape up and head off to bootcamp. But for X Factor UK 2013, times are most certainly changing. Get ready for Brand New Bootcamp.

So how will this new format work and whats actually different?¬†There’s been a number of alterations made for series 10 bootcamp, here are the key changes:

1. Whereas in previous years bootcamp was usually held in a mostly empty venue with the contestants making up the small audience, this time the acts will perform in front of a 4,000 strong crowd.

2. In perhaps the biggest twist for 2013, which category each of the four judges will be mentoring is announced before the bootcamp auditions, instead of after as was always the case before.

3. With Gary, Louis, Sharon and Nicole now knowing their categories, it’s now up to each individual judge who goes through to the next round. The way this process works is each act will perform on stage in front of their potential mentor. If the judge want’s to keep them, the singer(s) get to take one of six seats. Should the verdict happen to be a no, that act is automatically sent home and out of the competition. If however a judge fills all six of their seats but then hears someone they prefer, he or she has the power to kick a performer off their stool (not literally) and replace them with the new act. After giving up the seat that act also loses their place at judges houses and must go home.

The brand new bootcamp format does kinda remind you of The Voice as each mentor gradually builds their team in preparation for the live shows. But unlike the BBC series, none of the X Factor singers will be guaranteed a place in the next round until all their category has performed.