X Factor UK 2013: Tamera Foster to be Eliminated this Weekend?

Having managed to avoid the bottom two sing off last Sunday despite forgetting her lyrics for the third time, will week 8 of the X Factor 2013 live shows see Tamera Foster eliminated?

As great a vocal talent as the 16 year-old finalist clearly is, how long can viewers and the judges keep forgiving her memory malfunctions?

If anything, Tamera’s issues seem to be getting worse. During last Saturdays performance of Impossible she experienced multiple mistakes and was only bailed out by having the backing vocals to remind her:

It’s got to the point now where perhaps the best thing that could happen to Tamera would be to get voted off the show. That way the teenager could have some time for less pressurized, professional training and practice, learning how to conquer her nerves.

With her vocal abilities and image, Tamera no doubt has a successful career ahead of her in the music industry, most likely under Simon Cowell’s management. I don’t believe winning the X Factor would make much difference either way to the young singers future success and experiencing these regular mistakes on live television may be doing more harm than good.

With each of the remaining five acts now having to learn two songs each for Jukebox week, this Saturday may prove the biggest test of Tamera’s memory and focus yet.