X Factor UK 2013: Louis Walsh’s 10th and Last Series

After nearly 10 years of will he, won’t he, X Factor UK judge Louis Walsh has finally ended speculation and announced he will be quitting the show at the end of 2013. So will Saturday nights be the same without him?

During his many years on the panel, Louis has hardly built a reputation for originality or sharpness. If it wasn’t for the changing physical appearance we’d have assumed Louis left the show years ago, now just being kept on by editing in old clips.

Louis Walsh - Photo by Garry Knight

He made it his own, Louis Walsh will be quitting the X Factor UK after 2013 – Photo by Garry Knight

Up until a couple of years ago many believed Simon Cowell simply had Louis on the show to make himself look better and lets face it, it worked.¬†However since Cowell left the X Factor UK at the end of series 7 the Irish “Svengali of pop” has clung onto his place on the judging panel, if for no other reason than nobody else would agree to mentor the groups.

For all his faults though and sometimes annoying habits, Louis Walsh has for the most part spoken his mind without any unnecessarily critical comments which is more than can be said for a lot of judges on TV. Plus as far as off screen matters are concerned, Louis clearly knows what he’s doing with his track record speaking for itself.

As 2013 will be Mr Walsh’s last year, we at TellyChat think it would be a nice touch by the shows producers if they let Louis decide the shows format for series 10, allowing every act to make it through to the final.