Will there be a new series of Benidorm in 2019?

Is there going to be a new series of Benidorm airing on ITV in 2019 or has it been axed?

Season 10 of the hit ITV sitcom Benidorm concludes in May 2018, but unfortunately for fans of the show, it now appears unlikely to return for a new series.

Just a few days before the final episode was scheduled to broadcast on TV, the programmes writer Derren Litten posted this message on Twitter:

Litten mentions how, after 11 years, Benidorm would indeed be going to an end. This tweet then led to a huge number of reply’s from viewers, thanking the writer and cast members for all the laughs, and talking about how much they will miss the comedy series.

Given the sitcoms popularity though, we consider it unlikely that Benidorm was actually axed by ITV, with it making more sense that the shows creator and cast decided now was the right time to wrap things up. Although we have no official confirmation of this.

Of course lots of television series come to an apparent end, only to make a comeback or special episode months or years later, due to popular demand. But for now at least, there appears to be no plans for a season 11.

Benidorm’s big finale is scheduled to be broadcast on Wednesday 2 May at 9:00pm on ITV.