Where is Mapp And Lucia filmed? – Filming Locations and BBC Cast List

Mapp and Lucia 2014 BBC1 Cast List, Release Date, Trailer and Filming Location Details Revealed.

Where was Mapp And Lucia filmed?

Taking place during the summer of 2014, this three-part BBC1 series was filmed on location at the National Trust property of Lamb House in Rye, East Sussex (pictured in the background below behind Steve Pemberton). More than simply a nice picturesque building to film in and around, Lamb House was also once the home of Mapp & Lucia creator E.F. Benson. Prior to that, from 1897 to 1916, the location was also home to the American writer Henry James.

Explore the area outside Lamb House on Google Street View:

When does Mapp And Lucia start on BBC One in 2014?

The air date and time for this new comedy-drama series has now been set for Monday 29 December 2014 at 9.05pm on BBC1. Episode 2 will broadcast the following night at 9:00pm, with the third and final part airing the same time on New Years Eve.

Based on the work of English novelist E.F. Benson, this 2014 television series has been adapted by actor and writer Steve Pemberton, who recently starred in the hit drama ‘Happy Valley’. In addition to writing the TV adaptation, Steve also appears on screen in the role of Georgie Pillson.

2014 BBC TV Drama: A behind the scenes look at ANNA CHANCELLOR (Lucia) and MIRANDA RICHARDSON (Mapp) during filming of Mapp & Lucia - Image Credit: BBC/Nick Briggs

A behind the scenes look at ANNA CHANCELLOR (Lucia) and MIRANDA RICHARDSON (Mapp) during filming – Image Credit: BBC/Nick Briggs


Heading the 2014 cast of Mapp And Lucia are actresses Miranda Richardson as Miss Elizabeth Mapp and Anna Chancellor as Mrs Emmeline ‘Lucia’ Lucas. Joining the title characters will be Steve Pemberton as Georgie Pillson.

Mapp & Lucia BBC: STEVE PEMBERTON (Georgie) at Lamb House in Rye filming BBC's Mapp and Lucia - Image Credit: BBC/Nick Briggs

Behind the scenes filming in the grounds of Lamb House in Rye: STEVE PEMBERTON as Georgie – Image Credit: BBC/Nick Briggs

Mapp And Lucia 2014 BBC Cast List

Character – Actor/Actress

Miss Elizabeth Mapp – Miranda Richardson (Parade’s End, World Without End, Rubicon, Merlin/Merlin’s Apprentice, The Life and Times of Vivienne Vyle)

Mrs Emmeline ‘Lucia’ Lucas – Anna Chancellor (Spooks, The Hour, Fleming, Pramface, Hidden, Suburban Shootout, Jupiter Moon, The Cazalets, Fortysomething, Kavanagh QC)

Georgie Pillson – Steve Pemberton (Happy Valley, Benidorm, Whitechapel, Inside No. 9, Psychoville, The League of Gentlemen, Blackpool)

Major Benjy – Mark Gatiss (Sherlock, Clone, Crooked House, Nighty Night, Funland)

Rev Kenneth ‘Padre’ Bartlett – Paul Ritter (Friday Night Dinner, Vera, Land Girls, The Game, Hidden)

Godiva ‘Diva’ Plaistow – Felicity Montagu (Hank Zipzer, North by Northamptonshire, Doc Martin, I’m Alan Partridge, Suburban Shootout, Nighty Night, My Life as a Popat)

Evie Bartlett – Poppy Miller (House of Anubis, Attachments, Emma, Goldplated, Red Cap)

Irene Coles – Gemma Whelan (Game of Thrones, Claudia O’Doherty Comedy Blaps)

Algernon Wyse – Nicholas Woodeson (The Honourable Woman, Rome, The Escape Artist)

Susan Wyse – Pippa Haywood (Scott & BaileyMr Selfridge, Prisoners Wives, The Brittas Empire, Green Wing, Mid Morning Matters with Alan Partridge, Fear, Stress and Anger, The Wrong Door, Office Gossip)


Prior to the start of filming, Pemberton told the BBC “I love the books so much and I love all of the characters, so I’m just pinching myself every day that A, we are here in Rye in Benson’s house and garden, but B, that I’ve had the opportunity not only to play this character but adapt the scripts as well. It’s very rewarding.”

Miranda Richardson said: “I am so looking forward to a summer of hard work and I hope, great fun, working with the ensemble on Steve’s masterly adaptation of EF Benson’s delicious confection. I cannot wait to get my teeth into Mapp… and of course, Lucia!”

Anna Chancellor said :”I am thrilled to be playing the glorious Lucia. I hope I can do justice to EF Benson’s wonderful creations.”

Watch the full Steve Pemberton video interview: