Marmite Advert 2015: Summer of Love Not Hate

Marmite Launches New 2015 TV Ad Campaign – Summer of Love Not Hate: Guitar playing cat battles it out with a Marmite-hating rock monster. #marmitesummer

In one of the most bizarre adverts to reach our screens in quite some time, Marmite has come over all flower power in its latest July, 2015 TV commercial – An elaborate extension of the spreads traditional ‘You either love it or hate it’ slogan.

How to describe the video? Well basically you’ve got a cartoon, Marmite-loving, acoustic guitar playing hippy kitten taking part in a musical battle with an electric guitar playing, Marmite-hating rock monster. Yeah I know, that old advertising cliché.

To coincide with this Woodstock style ad, special limited edition ‘Summer of Love and Summer of Hate’ jars are now available to purchase. Great for those of you looking to spread the love.

From what I can tell, the ads song lyrics appear to go something like this:

Kitten: My Marmite summer of love jar, it makes my taste buds go all gaga.

Monster: My Marmite summer of hate jar, it makes my mouth go all argh, argh.

Kitten: I love it, it tastes of sunshine.

Monster: I hate, it’s a taste crime.

Kitten: Marmite, it makes me salivate.

Monster: Taste crime, taste crime.

Kitten: Marmite, it makes me gyrate.


Kitten: I love it, it makes me sigh.

Monster: Taste crime, it makes me cry.

Kitten: Later’s haters.

Monster: Taste crime.