‘Peaky Blinders’ Full 2014 Cast List: Series 2 Line-up by Episode

Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy), John Shelby (Joe Cole) and Arthur Shelby (Paul Anderson) - Image Credit: BBC/Mandabach/Tiger Aspect/Robert Viglasky

Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy), John Shelby (Joe Cole) and Arthur Shelby (Paul Anderson) – Image Credit: BBC/Mandabach/Tiger Aspect/Robert Viglasky

Once again following the notorious Shelby family, series 2 of Peaky Blinders sees Thomas and co look to expand their territory north and south, including to the big smoke of London.

With local criminals unwilling to give up control without a fight, the gang must stamp their authority on the city, while still maintaining their Birmingham stronghold.

Air Date

Returning for six brand-new episodes, the new season premieres on Thursday 2 October, 2014 at 9:00pm on BBC Two.

Where is Peaky Blinders filmed?

Though largely set in Birmingham, season 2 of the historical drama used filming locations in various other areas of the West Midlands, notably the Black Country Living Museum in Dudley. During the crews time in Dudley, a number of the museums staff got the opportunity to become on-screen extras.

According to the BBC, scenes for the new 2014 series were also shot in Manchester and Liverpool, plus undisclosed southern, and rural areas.

Peaky Blinders Series 2 Cast List by Episode of First Appearance

Episode 1 – 2/10/14

Character – Actor/Actress

Thomas Shelby – Cillian Murphy (28 Days Later, The Dark Knight/Batman movies, Inception, The Way We Live Now)

Ada Shelby – Sophie Rundle (Happy Valley, Episodes, The Bletchley Circle, Great Expectations)

Arthur Shelby – Paul Anderson (The Great Train Robbery, The Promise, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows)

Polly Gray – Helen McCrory (Penny Dreadful, Tommy Cooper: Not Like That, Like This, Leaving, North Square)

Esme Shelby – Aimee-Ffion Edwards (Walking and Talking, Luther, Skins, Detectorists)

John Shelby – Joe Cole (Injustice, The Hour)

Finn Shelby – Harry Kirton

Curly – Ian Peck (Criminal Justice)

Sergeant Moss – Tony Pitts (Scott & Bailey, Dead Man Weds, Emmerdale)

Black Lion Barman – Colin Connor

Black Lion Boy – Harrison Vaughan

Irene O’Donnell – Simone Kirby (Pure Mule)

Donal – Rory Keenan (On Home Ground, The Clinic)

Condemned Man – Richard Patterson

Governor – Paul McEwan (Emmerdale)

King Maine – Daniel Fearn

Charlie Strong – Ned Dennehy (Parade’s End, Damo and Ivor)

Lizzie Stark – Natasha O’Keeffe (Misfits, Lip Service)

Medium – Jane Wood

Eamonn Duggan – Rory Gallagher

Woman at Seance – Sam Battersea

Eden Club Doorman – Alastair Barley

Mario – Dorian Lough (The Smoke, Trial & Retribution, EastEnders)

Winston Churchill – Richard McCabe (Wallander, The Great Fire)

Communist Comrade – James Boyland (Emmerdale)

Sabini Kidnap Gangster – Tom Mothersdale

Darby Sabini – Noah Taylor (Game of Thrones)

Alfie Solomons (Tom Hardy) - Image Credit: BBC/Mandabach/Tiger Aspect/Robert Viglasky

Alfie Solomons (Tom Hardy) – Image Credit: BBC/Mandabach/Tiger Aspect/Robert Viglasky

Episode 2 – 9/10/14

Major Chester Campbell – Sam Neill (Jurassic Park, The Piano, Alcatraz, Crusoe)

Alfie Solomons – Tom Hardy (The Dark Knight Rises, Inception, Warrior, Meadowlands)

Grace Burgess – Annabelle Wallis (The Tudors, Fleming, Pan Am, The Musketeers)

Ollie – Adam El Hagar

George Sewell – Sam Hazeldine (Lightfields, Resurrection)

Briggs – Charlie Anson (The Girl’s Guide to Depravity)

Michael Gray – Finn Cole

Mrs Johnson – Wanda Opalinska (Coronation Street)

Isiah – Jordan Bolger

Jimmy Jesus – Benjamin Zephaniah

Sabini Officer – Andrew Sheridan

Peaky Blinders Driver – Darren Connolly

Birmingham Hospital Nurse – Hayley Doherty

Handsome Man – Adam Lawrence


Episode 3 – 16/10/14

May Carleton – Charlotte Riley (World Without End, The Take)

Digbeth Kid – James Eeles

Billy Kitchen – Paul Bullion (Jamaica Inn)

Bonnie – Barry Aird (Dungeons & Dragons: The Book of Vile Darkness)

Mrs Ross – Lizzy McInnerny (Best Friends, Nearly Famous, Gems, Casualty)

Winson Green Heavy – Martin William Askew

Sir Ian Carleton – Guy Williams

Polly’s Young Maid – Maisie Turpie

Grieving Woman – Erin Shanagher (Hit & Miss)

Auctioneer – Nigel Hastings


Episode 4 – 23/10/14

Johnny Dogs – Packy Lee (Murphy’s Law)

The Digbeth’s Young Sister – Bethan Caddick

James – Josh O’Connor

Paddy Watts – Joe Macaulay (Good Cop)

Marquis Older Barman – Nicolas Tennant

Clive Macmillan – Henry Garrett (Poldark 2015)

Field Marshal Russell – James Richard Marshall

Policeman – Benedict Relton


Episode 5 – 30/11/14

Micky – Rupert Procter (Criminal Justice, The Last Enemy, Strictly Confidential, Peak Practice)

Prison Reception Guard – Kivan Dene


Episode 6 – 6/11/14

UVF Hardman 1 – Branwell Donaghey (Titanic: Blood and Steel, The Crimson Petal and the White)

Royal Bodyguard – Tim Delap (Four Seasons, To the Ends of the Earth)

UVF Hardman/Undercover – Brendan Gibson


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