Sam Bailey: How Will I Know – Video and Judges Comments

Here’s the full video of X Factor 2013 contestant Sam Bailey, singing the Whitney Houston classic ‘How Will I Know’, on week 8 of the live shows. Plus judges comments:

Judges Comments

Gary: “Well done Sam, well done. You know Sam I always had you penciled down as the big balled singer, look at you here on the stage tonight, absolutely owning it, walking up and down. Brilliant job, you approached it like a proper singer, good technique, lots of light and shade. Another stunning performance, what are we going to do with you.”

Nicole: “Sam, I loved this song growing up, it’s actually the first song I ever recorded, I wanted to be Whitney Houston right, so you just sang the heck out of that song. You sounded unbelievable, you did it justice. But cheeks OK, I kinda feel like the production and everything around it felt a little like a cruise ship version of that song. I kinda felt that, I mean I love the choreography, that whole hip role, I was living for that but it did, it felt that way.”

Louis: “What kind of cruise ship do you go on? I mean Sam, you make it look so easy, that’s your talent. You sing and you work the stage and it’s effortless every single week, and Sam you know there is a space in the UK market for a girl like you. A great singer, singing big songs. Absolutely brilliant.”

Mrs O: “Sam, you went out of your comfort zone, you really did. You pushed yourself, you did great movements with a great song and I think the cruise ship you saw her on was called the O2.”

Sam Bailey’s response: “I just want to be as diverse as possible. I can do everything, so I just wanna go show everyone that I can.”

The 36-year-old sang ‘How Will I Know’ as part of Jukebox week on the X Factor UK live shows. This was the first of two tracks Sam sung on the night, the second being ‘Clown‘ by Emeli Sandé. How Will I Know was chosen by Sam herself, while Clown was voted for by the British public.