Science Britannica with Brian Cox Starts this September on BBC Two

Photographer: Peter Leonard. Image Copyright: BBC

Science Britannica with Professor Brian Cox – Photographer: Peter Leonard. Image Copyright: BBC

This September see’s the start of a new BBC science series featuring everyone’s favorite professor/pop star, Brian Cox.

Since the end of his previous series Wonders of Life earlier this year, the Prof has been largely absent from our screens but that’s now set to end with the launch of his new show Science Britannica.

The BBC Two series which begins airing on Wednesday, 18 September, 2013 will shine a light on the history of science in Britain and how it continues to effect our lives today.

Over the three episodes, Professor Brian will teach us what science really is and about the British pioneers like Sir Isaac Newton who have helped shape it over the centuries.

Episode one of Science Britannica takes a look at the scientists themselves and how they were able to put personal desires and beliefs aside in their quests to discover the scientific truths.

Episode 1 of 3: Frankenstein’s Monsters

Episode 2 of 3: Method and Madness

Episode 3 of 3: Clear Blue Skies

Lookout in the future for Professor Brian Cox’s new BBC, science based quiz/panel show, titled Six Degrees of Separation. The both humorous and educational show will take at look at some of scientific histories more interesting connections and links. Sounds pretty good, a bit like a science specific version of QI perhaps. We’ll bring you more details on Six Degrees of Separation when we get them.

The Prof will also be presenting a new five-part BBC Two science documentary, titled Human Universe.