The Missing: BBC Cast List and Theme Music Revealed for James Nesbitt, Frances O’Connor Drama

With a cast featuring James Nesbitt and Frances O’Connor, The Missing is a new eight-part BBC One drama series set to grip the nation. Full cast list and theme tune details below.

When does The Missing start on BBC1?

The air date and time for episode 1 was officially set for 9:00pm on Tuesday 28 October, 2014 on BBC1, with series catch-up available online via BBC iPlayer.

Where was The Missing filmed?

Beginning in March 2014, filming of the scenes set in France actually took place on location in Brussels, Belgium. Production of the BBC drama also benefited from the countries federal government tax shelter scheme.

The Missing BBC Cast: Julien (TCHEKY KARYO), Emily (FRANCES O'CONNOR) and Tony (JAMES NESBITT) - Image Credit: BBC/New Pictures. Photographer: Jules Heath

Lead Cast: Julien (TCHEKY KARYO), Emily (FRANCES O’CONNOR) and Tony (JAMES NESBITT) – Image Credit: BBC/New Pictures. Photographer: Jules Heath

Soundtrack: What’s the song used for The Missing’s theme music and who sings it?

The theme tune used for the shows opening credits is called ‘Come Home’ and it’s performed by Belgian post-rock band, Amatorski. Originally released in 2010, here’s the full track to listen to:

Closing Credits Music

Episode 2: Flatbush Zombies Feat. Erick Arc Elliott – Devil & Us

Episode 3: Emiliana Torrini – If You Go Away

Episode 4: Robert Johnson – Cross Road Blues

Episode 5: Robert Johnson – Kind Hearted Woman

Episode 6: Eric Clapton – When You Got a Good Friend

Episode 7: John Cale – Heartbreak Hotel

Series Plot

Spoiler free, providing you’ve watched the first episode.

During a holiday to the continent, the Hughes’ family car breaks down, forcing them to take an unscheduled stay in a small French town. After taking an evening swim with his father, five-year-old Olly suddenly vanishes, quickly triggering a major search. Written by Jack and Harry Williams, this 2014 thriller takes viewers inside the mind of a man desperate and determined to find his lost son. When the police and even his wife Emily appear resigned to never seeing the child again, Tony refuses to give up, enlisting the help of retired detective Julien Baptiste. Is it now too late, or does hope still remain for an eventual reunion with Oliver?

With the boys disappearance and apparent abduction having already torn their family apart, Tony’s relentless and comprehensive hunt threatens to destroy both his marriage and entire life.

Rather than the series scenes playing out from start to finish in traditional chronological order, the show features regular time shifts, with the story unfolding simultaneously in two countries, over two separate time frames. This basically means about half the scenes are set in the present where we see all the latest developments taking place and the other half show us the events of years earlier. Presumably, in the final episode, the flashback storyline will catch-up to where the current day plot began in episode one and exactly what happened to Olly will be revealed.

The Missing BBC1 Drama: Tony (JAMES NESBITT), Rini (ANAMARIA MARINCA) and Julien (TCHEKY KARYO) - Image Credit:

The Missing BBC One Drama: Tony (JAMES NESBITT), Rini (ANAMARIA MARINCA) and Julien (TCHEKY KARYO) – BBC/New Pictures Ltd. Photographer: Jules Heath

If you haven’t yet watched The Missing, this probably sounds more complicated than it actually is. Though things may be a little hard to follow at first, once you’ve gotten to know who all the characters are you quickly get used to it. Without being able to first watch the entire series simply play out from start to finish, it’s hard to say how much these flashbacks/flashforwards add to the drama. But for a plot like this which is set over a number of years, I’d have to say it works well. Apart from anything else, if we got to see who abducted Olly halfway though the series, it would take away much of the mystery from the current day investigation.

The Missing Lead BBC1 Cast List

Character – Actor/Actress

Tony Hughes (Olly’s farther) – James Nesbitt (Monroe, The Hobbit movies, Murphy’s Law, Cold Feet)

Emily Hughes (Olly’s mother) – Frances O’Connor (Mr Selfridge, Cashmere Mafia, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Mansfield Park)

Julien Baptiste (French police detective) – Tchéky Karyo (Kiss of the Dragon, GoldenEye, No Limit, Kaamelott)

Oliver Hughes (The missing boy) – Oliver Hunt

Mark Walsh (British liaison officer/Emily’s new partner) – Jason Flemyng (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Primeval)

Ian Garrett (Businessman who puts up reward money) – Ken Stott (The Hobbit movies, The Runaway, Rebus, The Vice)

Khalid Ziane (French police officer in communication with the journalist) – Said Taghmaoui (Three Kings, Touch, Secrets)

Laurence Relaud (Female French police officer) – Émilie Dequenne (Brotherhood of the Wolf, Rosetta)

Vincent Bourg (Man originally linked to Olly’s disappearance) – Titus De Voogdt (Steve + Sky, Any Way the Wind Blows)

Malik Suri (British journalist) – Arsher Ali (Four Lions, The Guilty, Beaver Falls, Silent Witness)

Rini Dalca (Drug addict/Teacher) – Anamaria Marinca (4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days, The Last Enemy)

Tony (JAMES NESBITT) in the eigth and final episode of BBC One's The Missing - Image Credit: BBC/New Pictures Ltd. Photographer: Jules Heath

Tony (JAMES NESBITT) in the eighth and final episode of BBC One’s The Missing – Image Credit: BBC/New Pictures Ltd. Photographer: Jules Heath

Full Additional Cast of The Missing by Episode of First Appearance

Episode 1 – Eden – 28/10/14

Georges Deloix (Local French Mayor) – Eric Godon (From Paris with Love, In Bruges)

Celia Baptiste (Julien’s wife) – Anastasia Hille (Prey, The Fear, The Cazalets)

Sara Baptiste – Camille Schotte

Alain Deloix (Hotel owner and brother of Georges Deloix) – Jean-Francois Wolff

Sylvie Deloix (Hotel owner) – Astrid Whettnall

James Walsh (Mark Walsh’s son) – Macauley Keeper (Me and My Monsters)

Robert – Clive Francis (Lipstick on Your Collar, May to December, The Piglet Files, Poldark – original series)

Penny – Diana Kent (World Without End, Titanic – TV series)

Vivienne – Hilde Heijnen (De Rodenburgs, In Vlaamse Velden)

Scottish Mother – Sasha Waddell (Parade’s End)

Scottish Boy – Adam Thomas Wright (Harriet’s Army)

Audrey – Lotte Heijtenis (Jes, The Emperor of Taste)

Mechanic – Kevin Dudous

Chalois Policeman – Thomas Stuyck


Episode 2 – Pray for Me – 4/11/14

Guillaume – Corentin Lobet

Vincent Bourg’s Doctor – Abigail Davies (Paradox)

Greg Halpern – Dan Fredenburgh (Emma)

Fried Chicken Shack Manager – Sam Adewunmi

Fried Chicken Shack Customer (Dad) – Richard Sutton (Gigglebiz)


Episode 3 – The Meeting – 11/11/14

Leon (Police informant) – Michael Erpelding

Lawyer – Circe Lethem


Episode 4 – Gone Fishing – 18/11/14

Tabac Owner – Eric Larcin

Laneau (Police officer/interpreter) – Issaka Sawadogo

Matthieu (Rini’s partner) – Maarten Goffin

Karl Sieg – Johan Leysen (The Spiral, The Emperor of Taste)

Daniel Morgan – Mark Hesketh


Episode 5 – Molly – 25/11/14

Mary Garrett (Ian Garrett’s wife) – Diana Quick (Law & Order: UK, Little Big Mouth, September Song)

Boat Crew Member – Oliver Gatz (Emmerdale)

Woman on Bus – Amanda Walker (Fish)

Martin (Rini’s brother) – Dragos Bucur (Titanic TV series, The Fear, Good Guys)

Monique (Street artist) – Josephine De La Baume (Mr Selfridge, Titanic TV series)

A&E Doctor – Enoch Frost

Costel (Gang member) – Csaba Bartos


Episode 6 – Concrete – 2/12/14

Karaoke Singer – Didier Colfs

Gabriel – Georges Siatidis

Duty Officer – Catherine Claeys


Episode 7 – Return to Eden – 9/12/14

Alex Duchamps (Second missing boy) – Adam Thomas Wright (Harriet’s Army)

Danielle Duchamps (Alex’s mother) – Stephanie Van Vyve

Sebastian Duchamps (Alex’s farther) – Erico Salamone

Amara Suri (Malik Suri’s wife) – Anjli Mohindra (The Sarah Jane Adventures)

TV Reporter – Anabel Lopez

Anouar Chamartaine (Khalid Ziane’s son) – Yassine Fadel

Claude Duchamps (Alex’s abductor) – Bernard Eylenbosch

Prisoner – Oliver Bony


Season Finale: Episode 8 – Till Death – 16/12/14

Tabac Owner – Olivier Bonjour

George Deloix’s Secretary – Dorothee Capelluto


The Missing Episode 8 – Series Finale Trailer:


Premiering on Saturday November 15, 2014, The Missing will also be airing in the US on the Starz channel.