Where was Home Fires filmed for ITV? – TV Filming Locations in Bunbury, Cheshire

Home Fires ITV Filming Locations: 2015 TV drama series set in rural Cheshire during World War II.

Where was Home Fires filmed?

Between September and December 2014, filming for the six-part ITV series took place in the small village of Bunbury, which is located in the North West English county of Cheshire. Bunbury also happens to be where the Home Fires storyline is set.

Where was Home Fires filmed? - St Boniface Church in Bunbury - Photo by Tigerboy1966

St Boniface Church in Bunbury – Photo by Tigerboy1966

According to Visit Cheshire, locations used to film Home Fires included:

St. Boniface Church on Vicarage Lane. A Grade I listed building, dating back to the 14th century.

The Nags Head 17th century pub on Vicarage Lane.

RF Burrows & Sons butchers on Vicarage Lane, established in 1924.

The Village Chippy fish and chip shop on School Lane

Bunbury Village Hall on Vicarage Lane.

As you may have noticed from this list of filming locations, the Nags Head pub, St. Boniface Church, RF Burrows & Sons butchers and Bunbury Village Hall are all situated on Vicarage Lane. With the help of Google Street View, feel free to take a virtual tour of this area below. See how many of these featured buildings you can spot:

Judge for yourself how different or similar the village appears in the real world today, compared to what you see on TV.

Premiering in the UK on Sunday the 3rd of May 2015, Home Fires is a six-part ITV drama series starring Francesca Annis as Joyce Cameron and Samantha Bond as Frances Barden .

Set in rural Cheshire, the story revolves around a group of women, for whom The Second World War hangs over them like a dark storm cloud. Despite their peaceful village appearing a world away from the ongoing battles, the ladies community proves far from immune to the effects of war.

Gradually becoming separated from their male family members, these inspirational women come together to form the Great Paxford Women’s Institute – working to maintain the countries fabric during its darkest hour.

Prior to being renamed Home Fires, this ITV series was originally to be titled Jambusters.