Where was The Musketeers TV series filmed? – 2014-2015 BBC Filming Locations

Where is the BBC TV series The Musketeers filmed?

The main filming location used for this all-action period drama was Prague in the Czech Republic, with shooting for the first series taking place in 2013. These picturesque buildings and landscapes provide a great backdrop to the show, making good use of the BBC’s HD broadcasting.

Under Snow: The Czech Republic Capital City of Prague - Photo by David Sedlecký

Under Snow: The Czech Republic capital city of Prague – Photo by David Sedlecký

Thanks in large part to it suffering far less damage during the Second World War than many other Eastern-European cities, much of Prague’s beautiful and historic architecture still exists today. With its large and varied selection of immaculately maintained, yet original looking buildings, it’s easy to see why the shows producers chose to film in Prague.

The show which is based on The Three Musketeers and set in 17th century France, is a joint production between BBC One and BBC America.

Some of the series key cast members include Luke Pasqualino as lead character D’Artagnan, and the new Doctor Peter Capaldi as Cardinal Richelieu.

The first series of The Musketeers premiered in the UK on Sunday the 19th of January 2014, while season 2 comes to BBC One in early 2015. Filming for the second series took place in 2014.

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