‘The Village’ Series 2: Cast List Revealed for 2014 Season of the Hit BBC Drama

Gilbert Hankin (ANDREW GOWER), Gerrard Eyre (MATT STOKOE) and Bert Middleton (TOM VAREY) - Image Credit: BBC/Company Pictures/Laurence Cendrowicz

Gilbert Hankin (ANDREW GOWER), Gerrard Eyre (MATT STOKOE) and Bert Middleton (TOM VAREY) – Image Credit: BBC/Company Pictures/Laurence Cendrowicz

With series 2 of The Village set to begin airing in early August on BBC One, here’s a look ahead at the hit TV dramas cast for 2014.

Following on from the first series, life in the village progresses from the trauma and tragedy of war, into the excitement of a new world.

Series 2 Cast List


John Middleton – JOHN SIMM (Prey, Intruders)

Grace Middleton – MAXINE PEAKE (Silk, Shameless)

Mary Middleton – CHLOE ROWLEY

Bert Middleton – TOM VAREY

Old Bert – DAVID RYALL (Goodnight Sweetheart, Outnumbered)

Caro Allingham – EMILY BEECHAM (The Musketeers, Blandings)

Clem Allingham – JULIET STEVENSON (Accused, Atlantis)

Edmund Allingham – RUPERT EVANS (Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond)

George Allingham – AUGUSTUS PREW (Klondike)

Martha Allingham – CHARLIE MURPHY (Quirke, Happy Valley)

Stephen Bairstow – JOE ARMSTRONG (Happy Valley, Land Girls)

Gerard Eyre – MATT STOKOE (Misfits)

Margaret – ANNABELLE APSION (Soldier Soldier, Shameless)


Arnold Hankin – ANTHONY FLANAGAN (Shameless)

Gilbert Hankin – ANDREW GOWER (Being Human, Endeavour)

Norma Hankin – AINSLEY HOWARD (Mount Pleasant)


Alf Rutter – BEN BATT (Shameless, Scott & Bailey)

Robin Lane – SCOTT HANDY

Bill Gibby – DEREK RIDDELL (No Angels, State of Mind)

Lord Kilmartin – JULIAN SANDS (24)


Joy Dangerfield – JULIET AUBREY (Primeval)

Peter the Landlord – JIM CARTWRIGHT

Philip Rundle – JOHN ELKINGTON (Coronation Street)

Harriet Kilmartin – LUCY BROWN (Primeval)




PC Derbyshire – DEAN SMITH

Sergeant Westlake – ANDREW KNOTT

The Village BBC 2014

Image Credit: BBC/Company Pictures/Stuart Wood

Set in the 1920’s and running for 6 episodes, series 2 of The Village continues BBC One and writer Peter Moffat’s desire to tell the story of the 20th century, from the point of view of the residents of a small Derbyshire village.

This 2014 series see’s life move into the decade of the roaring twenties and with it, the age of jazz. As outsiders start bringing in new styles of music and dance, residents also get introduced to new ways of thinking when it comes to love, sex and politics.

Where is The Village Filmed in Derbyshire?

Season 2 of the show was filmed on location in the Derbyshire Peak District between late March and early July, 2014. When asked by the BBC, here’s what some of the shows cast had to say about working in such a picturesque part of the world:

Maxine Peake: “My mum used to be a member of the Rambler’s Association so we walked the Kinder Scout and Jacob’s Ladder when I was eleven or twelve. It is extraordinary and beautiful and I am so glad doing this series has re-introduced me to the Peak District.”

John Simm: “Every inch of the Peak district is beautiful – especially when the weather’s fair.”

Tom Varey: “The scenery up there was so beautiful, and there have been times where I have genuinely had to take a second to just admire the beautiful views. The view up on the Middleton farm, which is in Edale, was particularly brilliant.”

Phoebe Dynevor: “I live pretty close by but never saw much of the Peak District growing up. We did have a beautiful cottage in the Lake District which we spent lots of time in when I was younger. Filming on The Village in the countryside does take me back to those wonderful times and all those walks in the hills.”

For a preview to the new season, check out The Village series 2 Trailer.